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Sep. 23rd, 2010 @ 12:39 am Job loss, interviews, and possibly TTC?
So, lost my job at Home Depot for a very predictibly me reason (VP asked me why my team was borked, I told her the truth, next business day my services were no longer needed. Reason they told me was bogus and my immediate manager knew it, so it came from higher up. Sucks, but my big mouth is very much... a me reason to get fired).

I had 4 interviews lined up in days, and have been doing 2 a day.

I've been freaking out about a whole lot of other stuff, Jeff said when I started at Home Depot we could look seriously at having a baby if I managed to keep this job for 6+ months.

After seeing how well the jorb search is going, he's said that he's not planning on re-starting the clock if I get a job this week.

I did two second interviews, should be getting at least one offer on Friday. That's awesome. :)

That means I need to get my health shit in line so that I can start thinking seriously about having a baby. I need to get my A1c tested, I need to get it down, and I need to loose some weight so that my diabetes will be easier to control and I might need to switch to an insulin pump to keep things stable (I've been swinging between 50-60 and 230+)

In my happy baby dreams, I'd like to have fraternal twins- one from Jeff, one from Ben.

I'm looking into gyms near Potential Job #2. They pay $30/month towards your gym membership.And I got some chewable vitamins today, since prenatal vitamins make me yak. I'm also going to think real hard about quitting smoking, but since any baby-making anything is at least another 3 months out, and I'm a 2-3 cigarette a day smoker on the days I don't simply forget to smoke, I'm not too worried about that.
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Date:September 23rd, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)
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How long were you with Home Depot? If it was just short of six months, I've heard that story before: six months is when you start benefits, or it was when my kid was there. HE got canned after five and a half months for a "real" reason that was actually working harder than he was supposed to (manager caught him helping someone after he clocked out; that store was rather borked too).

Thing is it was JUST before he finished probation and got signed on for benefits. What a coincidence. So try to learn a TINY bit more discretion, if possible, but don't beat yourself up too hard. Just in case a little reinforcement in that regard is helpful. *grin*

Was just thinking today we hadn't heard from you in a while. Glad to know you're still going onward and upward! *hugs*